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Fibertron Unibody Teardrop Trailers

Since 2002 thelittletrailerco has been the largest producer
of teardrop trailers, world-wide. In the fall of 2009 LTC sold
one of their brand names, The Little Guy, to their former distributor.

During 2010 changes took place. While the company was being restructured, we restructured the product. The result was the development of a true one piece fiberglass body teardrop. Affordable, durable and as issue free as an RV can be. By having a superior gel coat exterior, the days of re-caulking or resealing are gone.

The exterior maintenance is simple, just a wash and an occasional wax. The interior quality of these teardrops is exceptional. Now with an exterior of unmatched quality Fibertron produces the best little teardrop in the marketplace. Not one that will deteriorate and depreciate, rather one that will increase the owners enjoyment and satisfaction by being as issue-free as can be...

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